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Meet Our Team

Who will teach you?

Danielle Lau

Owner, Trainer

Jennifer Romero

Owner, Trainer

We are both filled with so much excitement to bring this Powerful studio to Modesto. Being Modesto natives and Pilates Guru’s we wanted to create a space that is unique, fun, challenging, and most of all a place that represents OUR philosophy of Power Pilates.

Not only are we small business owners, but we are also the mothers, wives, and household directors. We know what it takes and how hard it is to 'do everything'. We are just like you!

We can't wait for you to experience the Power of the Reformer.

Kellie May


Favorite Move: Pike to Plank with alternate leg lift

Liz McConnell

Member Relations

Favorite Move: Hands in straps, tabletop with ring of fire

Jolyn Jackson

Member Relations

Favorite Move: Snake

Rami Jackson

Member Relations

Favorite Move: Pike to Plank / jack rabbit combo

Suzanne Lack

Member Relations

Favorite Move: Feet in straps with leg circles